Everything you need to know about wholesale clothing

Everything you need to know about wholesale clothing

The first concern that new cloth sellers have is where to get their stock. Working with wholesale suppliers has many advantages and disadvantages. If you want to venture in the business, you should analyze both the advantages and disadvantages and know if a wholesaler will be the right supplier for you.

Selling standard products

You can get dozens of catalogs of clothes from wholesalers that they have already sold to other retailers worldwide. That is why you can find the same cloth in multiple stores when you go shopping. Wholesalers will sell the same products to you and other people. The downside of this is that you will be selling products that are not unique, but the benefit is that you will save the time and resources you have to spend unique-sourcing products by traveling to markets or sourcing online.

Large minimum orders

The minimum first-time orders are usually large when buying from wholesalers. They offer no payment terms and restocking fees if you have to send unsold clothes back in poor condition. This means that they want a hundred percent cash up front and they require you to buy a lot of clothes in your first order.

Less control over the price

An increase in their sale price to you will force you to decrease your profit margin, or you will have to increase your cost to your customers because you are selling clothes from a wholesaler. You want to avoid raising the retail price because customers are likely to ditch you if you keep on increasing the costs of your clothes. When you depend on wholesalers, you will have to look for a wholesaler who sells the same products that they sell to you but cheaper than your retail price. It is, therefore, essential to avoid working with a wholesaler who sells retail.

The turnaround from order to shelf is fast

It is faster to work with a wholesaler to get products to your shop than if you decide to manufacture your label. You will order the clothes in the catalog, pay for them and get the shipment in a couple of weeks. However, in this arrangement, high quality will no longer be a priority. You could vet your wholesaler by starting with small cloth orders and checking the quality of the clothes before selling to your customers.

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