Professional guide for selling vintage clothing

Professional guide for selling vintage clothing

You can make a lot of money from selling vintage clothing. The business is alive, and it will continue to boom as long as you understand the basics. The vintage style is trendy and thriving online platforms are ripping from the booming business. The clothing resale in the US is a $4 billion industry. This professional guide will help you have a piece of that billion dollar cake.


Resellers should learn about vintage clothing by researching. You can read old Vogue magazines and watch old movies to understand the styles that were popular back then.


If you don’t succeed after starting selling vintage clothing, you shouldn’t despair. Try again and again until you succeed. You can fail to convince one buyer to buy your vintage clothing today, but you can succeed to convince another buyer another day to buy your vintage clothing.


Attracting the attention of the buyer is very crucial. You can take photos of your vintage clothing and post them on the internet to attract the attention of buyers. Customers tend to respond better to vintage clothes photos taken with phones rather than the professionally done photos.


You can look for Facebook groups that specialize in selling vintage clothes and market your clothes there.


You should always pay attention to percentages. Professionals take notes of where and when they pick up the best price of their value of their clothing. This has a close relationship to the season, the trends and the shop that you sell your vintage clothes to. You should take notes about the patterns in the market and learn as much information as possible.

Online sells

If you sell vintage clothes online, you should post your items on sites that have massive traffic such as eBay and Amazon. If you want to resale clothing on Amazon, you will need a professional plan, and this will cost you a monthly fee.

Proper descriptions

Your product description should sound rare and enticing. You should learn about the brand by searching the label. If the label has been removed from the cloth, then you can search for similar items online and differentiate the features in mind.

These tips will help you make money by selling vintage clothes that you aren’t using. You will learn most things in the industry with experience. The more you sell the clothes, the better you will get.

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